100% Human Leather

Real human leather is ridiculously expensive (and illegal!). You can now own the best high-quality human leather imitation on the internet! The perfect accessory for any wannabe fascist dictator or slave trader. Made with real leather and using the slimmest wallet technology in the world (that's no joke!), making them extremely light and durable. All of our wallets are hand-made by real artisans in Spain, assuring an exquisite quality. We're currently offering FREE shipping on all orders, so take advantage while you can!

Halloween Special Offer

Hi, y’all twisted creatures of the night!

We celebrate our second favorite holiday of the year (after Generalissimo Day, of course), and with it, we encourage you to take advantage of our new deal:

10€ off on our Original model.

Simply include the coupon “halloween16” during checkout and get 10€ off every Original model you buy.

Happy Halloween, you dirty bastards!

Offer Expires 5 November 2016